NordicTrack E11.5 Elliptical Power Incline Cross Trainer Review

The NordicTrack E11.5 is an advanced home cross trainer with a high price to match. It provides many ways to adjust your workout routine, including resistance, incline, and even the pedal angles, so you have full control over your exercise sessions. The cross trainer also includes iFit Live compatibility and Silent Magnetic Technology.

Is the E11.5 really worth the money though? And how does it compare to other cross trainers in its price bracket? Read our full review to find out.

Design and Type

Folded design

The NordicTrack E11.5 features a rear-drive system. This alleviates strain on your legs, making your workouts feel more comfortable even when you’re challenging yourself with a high resistance level.

The backlit display screen features plenty of data to help you measure your fitness goals, including calories burned, heart rate, time, and distance. It can even give you encouraging reminders in the middle of your workouts, with messages like “Don’t slow down” appearing when the going gets tough.

Like the vast majority of cross trainers, the machine features two sets of handlebars, one mobile and one stationary. Heart rate sensors are built into the stationary handlebars. However, purchasing a separate chest strap will give you more accurate heart rate readings.

The E11.5 folds up for easy storage when you’re done working out, so it’s a good choice for someone who doesn’t have much spare room in their home. This machine’s folded dimensions are 132 x 67 x 166 cm.

A downside is that this is a big and heavy machine. It weights 87kg, so if you’re planning to use it upstairs you may need to transport it in pieces.

Stride Length and Smoothness

The stride length on the E11.5 is 50 to 55 cm, and you can adjust it to your liking. This is a longer stride length than most cross trainers, making it an attractive choice for taller people. The ability to adjust the stride length means that you won’t feel cramped while working out.

This machine runs very smoothly – in fact, it can be compared to the cross trainers you would find at the gym. Expect some wobbling during high intensity workouts, but it’s much more stable than budget cross trainers due to the heavy weight.

Flywheel Weight

The flywheel on the E11.5 weighs in at 9kg. Most budget cross trainers features flywheels around 6kg or less, while the flywheels on mid-range models often clock in around 7 or 8 kg. But for someone who enjoys more intense workouts, a heavier flywheel is a must.

With a 9 kg flywheel, the E11.5 can provide smooth, challenging workouts. If you know that you’re looking to push yourself on the cross trainer, this is a great option. This machine is also very sturdy, which is especially important if you’re really trying to break a sweat.

Resistance and Incline Settings

The E11.5 has 20 electromagnetic resistance settings. While some similarly priced machines have a wider range of resistance settings, the majority of people won’t find that they need any more. Unless you’re a serious fitness enthusiast, 20 options should be plenty.

This machine employs Silent Magnetic Resistance technology, which allows it to run quietly even when you increase the resistance to a higher level. However, you may still hear the occasional squeak from the plastic parts on the cross trainer.

Most budget cross trainers – and even some mid-range models – lack incline settings. The E11.5 gives you the ability to electronically change the incline as you work out, ranging from 10 to 30 degrees.

The ability to adjust the incline is absolutely crucial for someone who wants to use a cross trainer to target different muscle groups. If you want a machine that can provide you with a full body workout with emphasis on the muscles you want to strengthen, you’ll be pleased with the incline options on the E11.5.

Built-In Workout Programmes

Control panel

With 30 built-in workout programmes, you’ll have no problem finding a routine that aligns with your personal fitness goals. The E11.5 comes with ten programmes each for calorie burn, intensity, and overall performance. You can also choose the Manual option to create a custom workout goal.

In addition to these built-in programmes, the NordicTrack E11.5 is  compatible with iFit technology. This personal training software gives you plenty of programs to work with. With iFit, you can challenge your other friends during workouts, recreate real running routes on your cross trainer, and get personalized workouts every day.

The iFit programme must be purchased separately, but if you love customizing and tracking your workouts, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Maximum User Weight and Stability

The maximum user weight for this model is 150 kg. Many lower-priced cross trainers can only accommodate a maximum user weight of around of 120 to 125 kg, so the E11.5 will be more comfortable for those who need something sturdier.

As we mentioned earlier, you should expect some movement when at high speeds, but it’s a relatively stable machine.

Additional Features

The E11.5 comes with a water bottle holder. It also has a small space for your smartphone. However, the compartment isn’t large enough for a tablet, so keep this in mind if you like to watch TV shows while working out.

The console features a music port that is compatible with iPods and other MP3 players. It even has a built-in sound system. If you can’t workout without your favourite motivational playlist, this is a great perk.

The pedals on the E11.5 are cushioned for maximum comfort. In addition, you can change the angle of the pedals. The ability to customize so many different aspects of your workout, from the incline to the programme to the pedal angle, is a major plus for this machine.

The E11.5 is also compatible with the Polar wireless chest strap. This piece of equipment is sold separately, but it’s useful for someone who is interested in seeing a more accurate heart rate reading.

Finally, the E11.5 features a small fan in the console. This keeps you cool in the midst of challenging workouts. If you’re in the middle of a difficult session with a high resistance level, a blast of cool air feels very refreshing. Like many other features on this machine, you can even customize the settings on the fan.

Since this machine comes with a wide variety of programmes, resistance levels, and additional features, it’s important to take time to explore the console before working out. After assembling the E11.5, spending a few minutes clicking through your options and learning how to set up your ideal workout will teach you the ins and outs of this machine.

Who Should Buy It?

Anyone who needs intense workouts would be a great candidate for the E11.5. The 9 kg flywheel, combined with the range of options for the resistance and incline settings, mean that you can definitely challenge yourself and consistently change up your workouts to focus on different muscle groups.

Tech-savvy users will also enjoy working out with the E11.5. If you love the idea of tracking your fitness data with tools like iFit, measuring your heart rate with a chest belt rather than the handlebars, and even blasting your motivational tunes through the mini sound system, the E11.5 will suit all of those needs and more.

Final Verdict

If workout customisation is important to you, you can’t go wrong with the E11.5. This machine put you in charge of practically every aspect of your workouts. It’s also stable and is capable of providing a tough workout.

There are relatively few drawbacks to this machine. But if you find that having a variety of smart connectivity options at your disposal is distracting for you, you might want to choose a more basic model. Also, since this is a larger machine with extra features, it can take a bit longer to build. Make sure to budget a little over two hours for assembly, and enlist someone else to help you put it together.

Overall, the E11.5 is one of our top picks. Sometimes, a high end machine is truly worth the extra cost. For the vast majority of users, the E11.5 will provide you with all of the tools you need to get in shape.

NordicTrack E11.5




Workout Intensity




Value for Money



  • 30 workout modes
  • Adjustable stride length
  • Incline function (10-30 degrees)
  • iFit compatible


  • Pricey
  • Takes time to setup
  • Heavy

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